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About us

The Well Head Centre is a registered charity which exists to give time and space to adults in the UK who are not coping with the pressures and stresses of life, such as divorce, bereavement, anxiety, stress, a feeling of hopelessness, having nowhere to turn or no one to talk to. We also offer this service to adults who are caring full-time for family members and need time-out from their current situation.

The Centre is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who are on site 24 hours a day bringing love, compassion and a listening ear to the Centre's guests.

All guests are referred to the Centre by a professional working within the community for example a doctor, nurse, health visitor, community support worker, Pastor of a church or someone in a pastoral role within the church. Referrals are made by calling our team on 07779 361 934.

Today we are partnering with over 200 professionals from local authorities, the NHS, agencies, registered charities and churches throughout the UK to bring hope, direction and rest back into people’s lives.